315 E Main st. Suite #209

Hillsboro Oregon, 97123


Cypress Tattoo is open Tuesday-Saturday by appointment only.

The first step to getting tattooed by Mickey Warner is to set up a consultation appointment via email at

Mickey Warner only accepts larger scale tattoos, full sleeves, 1/2 sleeves, full upper arm, full forearm, full or half back, full shoulder blade, full chest, peck or torso, 1/2 leg, full outer thigh, full leg, full outer calf, full body suites, full head or hands. Please include a brief paragraph of your ideas for the piece, placement and style of choice (if you know). If you have any reference pictures please attach them.

The styles he offers are photo realistic black and grey, freehand black and grey, Japanese or Asian style, photo realistic color, portraits, whip shading, neo-tradtional, pointillism or black work. Mickey Warner is the sole artist and owner of Cypress Tattoo, he runs a private appointment only studio and doesn’t offer fixing, cover ups or working off of other artists work. Please allow up to three days for a reply to your request, if you haven’t heard back please check your spam folder. Thank you
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