I was born in Portland Oregon in May of 1979 and grew up within a family of professional artists.

I attended 2 yrs of art school before I started my apprenticeship by master tattooist Donald Deaton at Sea Tramp Tattoo School. In May of 2002, I completed the program and received my professional tattooing license. I worked with master tattooist Lyon King at A 21 century tattoo for two years before opening my own tattoo shop. Cypress Tattoo is located at 315 E Main st. #209 Hillsboro OR, 97123 503-547-8877

I love to pull inspiration from Greek and Roman mythology, old Norse mythology, tribal spirituality, Japanese style tattoos and mythos as well as Buddhist and Hindu Religions. I love to incorporate the customers personal philosophy into the tattoo design. I really enjoy tattooing photo realistic animal portraits, black and grey portraits, and Japanese style tattoos. I also love to custom design tattoos specifically for each individual customer.

I work in a very open minded hate free environment where all walks of life are more than welcome.